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Biore Rolls Out Interesting Facts about Sunscreen for Barrier Me, Pure Milk Entry in Malaysia

Biore Gets Informative in Advertorial Campaign on Sunscreen Facts & Myths | Digital 38

Learn why the right content marketing strategy can help you reach your target audience more effectively with this advertorial campaign by Biore.  

Facts & Myths About Sunscreen: Biore’s Latest Advertorial Campaign 

Japan-based skincare brand Biore is set to introduce its latest products to consumers in Malaysia – Biore UV Barrier Me Cushion Gentle Essence & UV Kids Pure Milk. Their target market: parents and young adult women who take their sunscreen routine seriously. Biore wants not only to get a head start in establishing their newest products’ presence. But also, they aimed at driving more traffic and sales to their official virtual stores. 

In turn, the brand launched an advertorial campaign, designed to provide essential facts and information about sunscreen and ultraviolet (UV) rays.

The advertorial was published on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Biore also partnered with content authority, Goody25, to reach out Chinese-speaking Malaysian buyers.

Interesting facts and debunking myths about sunscreens, UV rays and skincare not only helped Biore encourage the most discerning audiences to give them a try. But also, enabled them to reinforce Biore’s presence in Malaysia.  

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