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How to Market Your Beauty Products in Malaysia?

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IH Digital is an experienced agency in strategizing and implementing digital marketing for beauty brands. With years of marketing experiences in beauty industry, we have developed a strong understanding in beauty market and concluded some practicable marketing techniques to fuel beauty business.

Our marketing services for beauty clients that target Malay market

We are strong in building social media strategies and planning media buy. Our marketing experiences with the beauty clients involves building an e-commerce website, driving engagement on social media platforms, running social media campaigns and launching ad campaigns.

All of these activities were supported by our in-house marketing experts in social media marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, and media buying.

What we can do for beauty brands?

1. Setup global e-commerce store

We are capable of building an e-commerce website to enable clients to run their business on global e-commerce platform – Shopify.

With its convenient currency converter, selling to Malay consumers in Southeast Asia is no longer a problem as it allows them to view prices in local currency.

Not only do we help in e-commerce store set up and management, but also support payment gateway integration, customer database management, rewards program set up, and monthly page maintenance.

2. Promote new beauty brand with campaigns

To boost Malay audiences’ awareness on new product launch, we have helped Kao Malaysia to run ad campaigns across social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Not only that, but we also ran social media campaigns such as giveaway contest to maximize reach and engagement. This has resulted in a massive following on their social media pages.

If you keep an eye out for social media trends, influencer marketing is relatively a modern phenomenon in creating brand awareness. In IH Digital, we will undergo a careful selection process before collaborating with an influencer to ensure that our clients are hiring the relevant influencers who hold the same value with the brand. 

3. Create sales-driven content  

It is highly important to establish a presence on visual-rich social media platforms because most of the beauty shoppers love to spend time on social media to discover the beauty trends and new beauty products.

Watching video reviews and scrolling through aesthetic cosmetic photos are their  common online activities before purchasing a product. 

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Youtube, we can help to implement your marketing plan on the most suitable social media platforms. It can be advertising to reach a new audience, content marketing to motivate purchase or campaign to drive conversion. 

Meet your best partner – IH Digital

IH Digital has 14 years of digital marketing experiences in planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.

We provide 360° digital marketing services, including content marketing, social media marketing, digital advertising, influencer marketing and more to support your beauty marketing needs.

All services are supported by our specialized in-house teams – Content and Social Team, Media and Analytics Team, Web Development and Search Team who are highly experienced in planning and implementing winning business strategies.

Looking for a beauty marketing agency in Malaysia?

Whether you are planning to promote your new beauty brand or to boost sales, IH Digital can help you to create a digital strategy to achieve your ultimate marketing goals.

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO.

Struggle with creating beauty marketing strategies to win Malay market? Contact us today for a consultation with our marketing expert soon. 

About IH Digital  

IH Digital is an Asia-focused digital marketing agency providing Consultancy, Strategy, Content, Social Media, Media Buy, Web Development, SEM & SEO. 

Our team consists of account managers, content and social experts, media buyers and planners, web developers and search experts who are highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.

IH Digital is a member of Digital 38 Group.

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