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Check Out Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai’s New Verified Weibo Page – Plus their Most Viewed Healthcare Updates in February

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai Launches Verified Weibo Account
Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai launched its verified Weibo account in January, which now has nearly 30 Weibo posts since its verification. They continue to provide helpful information for its Weibo fans following the current global coronavirus outbreak. Let’s take a look at some of Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai’s most popular Weibo posts.

4 February – World Cancer Day Special Lecture by Oncology Experts

On its Weibo post on 4 February, the Bangkok Hospital group member commemorated World Cancer Day showing oncology experts Dr. Sumitra Thongprasert, M.D. and Dr. Witthawat Ariyawutyakorn, M.D. give a special anti-cancer lecture at the World Entertainment Television.
Bangkok Hospital oncology experts on World Cancer Day lecture
Oncology experts from Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai giving an anti-cancer lecture at World Entertainment Television  |  Photo credit: Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai’s Weibo page

6 February – BDMS Group Shows Support for Wuhan Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

On 6 February, Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai also posted a video on its Weibo page to show the group’s support for Wuhan amid the COVID-19 outbreak in China.
BDMS Group's Encouragement Video to Support Wuhan
Encouragement video from the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) Group  | Video credit: Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai’s Weibo page
Medical teams from the six Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) group members participated in the video. This includes Bangkok Hospital, Samitivej Hospitals, BNH Hospital, Phyathai Hospitals, Paolo Hospital, and BDMS Wellness Clinic.
Medical practitioners joining the BDMS video campaign
Medical practitioners participating in the healthcare group’s video campaign  | Video credit: Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai’s Weibo page

13 February – Healthy 2020 Check-up Package Promotion

On 13 February, the Chiang Mai hospital shared its health check-up package promotion on Weibo with the caption:
我们每个人的身体健康状况会随着年龄的变化而变化,性别不同,体检所针对的项目也不尽相同。清迈曼谷医院健康体检中心根据您的性别、年龄段为您提供个人疾病风险评估体检套餐,您可以根据自身的情况选择相应的健康检查方案。 (One’s health condition changes with age. Medical check-up also varies depending on the patient’s gender. Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai Health and Medical Examination Center provides you with a personal disease risk assessment medical examination package according to your gender and age group. You can choose the appropriate health examination plan according to your condition.)
Healthy 2020 Check-up Package Promotion
Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai’s Healthy 2020 Check-up Package Information  | Photo credit: Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai’s Weibo page
The promotion runs from 1 March to 30 April 2020. You can find more details on the Healthy 2020 Check-up Package promotion at this link. For more updates and informative healthcare content, follow Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai’s Weibo page. Visit their website for more details on Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai’s healthcare services.

About Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai is a 180-bed medical facility in Chiang Mai-Lampang road, Thailand. It consists of 18 specialty centers and clinics under one roof. Centers include Heart Center, Emergency and Trauma Center, Neuroscience Center, Oncology Clinic, and Royal Life Anti-Aging Center. Clinics include dental, orthopedic, surgery, ENT, skin and aesthetic, women’s health, pediatric, aviation medicine, and more. Accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai is the 36th private tertiary hospital in the Bangkok Hospital network – a large private hospital chain in Thailand. It is managed by Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) Public Company Limited.

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