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Volumes Up for Pioneer’s Newest Southeast Asia Campaign

B2B Marketing in Southeast Asia: Volumes Up for Pioneer’s Newest Southeast Asia Campaign | Digital 38

Find out how b2b marketing strategies like social media marketing campaigns can help your brand grow in Southeast Asia.  

Pioneer Car Entertainment Cranks Up Volume 

Japanese audio specialist brand Pioneer Car Entertainment is cranking up its presence in Southeast Asia. And they decided to launch their newest digital marketing campaigns on social networking sites such as Facebook. Their goal? To boost brand awareness as well as widen their connections among their target audience, which include car manufacturers.  

For a limited time, Pioneer Car Entertainment launched an online campaign contest on Facebook. Followers and Facebook users had the chance to win Pioneer’s signature, top-of-the-line car entertainment systems. All they had to do is participate in the contest.  

Pioneer enticed its followers to like and follow their official Facebook page, and visit their official website where they need to answer a question as entry for the contest.  

Why Digital Marketing is Important in B2B? 

The world of B2B marketing can be quite complicated and challenging. Brands should always remember that they are dealing with more than their average consumers. These are key decision makers and earth shakers – managers, business owners, and other executive-level individuals.  

This is why you need the right strategies such as digital marketing campaigns to generate the results you desire for your business.  

Digital marketing is now a growth engine for many companies across a variety of sectors. When implemented efficiently, they have the ability to drive an increase of 5 to 8% in revenues over a 12 to 18-month period. Essentially, capturing more online traffic and engaging with consumers more effectively.  

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