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Abbott Amplifies Ural’s Presence in Malaysia through Advertorials

Youtube Ads: Abbott Amplifies Ural’s Presence in Malaysia through Advertorials | Digital 38

Multinational pharma company Abbott is stepping up its video campaign efforts in Malaysia, and this time, they relied on YouTube ads in promoting one of their core products to professionals there.  

Abbott has partnered with online news portal Malaysiakini (Malaysia Now in English) for a branded content about Ural, their urinary alkaniser brand. Aside from sponsored content articles on Malaysiakini’s native platform, they also touched base with the online news’ subscribers and audiences on YouTube through in-stream ads.  

15-seconder ads about Ural were published on Malaysiakini’s English and Chinese videos. All six videos generated over 320,000 views.  

YouTube is still the top choice for Malaysian audiences when it comes to online streaming videos.  

Exploring the World of Video Campaigns

The basics of an effective and successful video campaign almost always start with the content itself.


Videos, dubbed as the ‘king of content’, have been one of the most prominent factors behind engagements, interactions, traffic and conversions on platforms like YouTube. And even on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.  

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Video marketing and advertising can be quite complicated. If done incorrectly, it can only mean a waste of time, resources and funds. And no businesses would want that. 

Luckily for brands, YouTube’s wide array of marketing solutions and tools have made it easier to connect with their desired audience, and run campaigns in one of the world’s largest video streaming services. 

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