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Abbott Boosts Social Media Presence with Video Ads

Abbott Boosts Social Media Presence with Video Advertising | Digital 38 - MY

Multi-national brand Abbott is beefing up its presence on Malaysia’s top social media platforms as it launches its latest video advertising campaign featuring Perskindol. 

Abbott leveraged its social media handles such as Facebook and Instagram to boost brand awareness and reach more audiences in Malaysia. Doing so, they decided to deploy the ‘king of content’ – a short but engaging, 30-seconder video for Perskindol.  

The video ad targets Malaysian parents and adults. It was published on Perskindol Malaysia’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts. In Facebook alone, it generated over 189,000 views.  

Why is Video Called ‘King of Content?’

Fast and engaging. Digestible and relatable. These are not only key words to describe videos. But they also happened to be the reasons why they are undeniably the king of content of today’s digital landscape. A video, especially short-form ones like that of Abbott for Perskindol, has the ability to combine text and images into one interactive format.  

Videos have existed since the 1960s. And now, their popularity is also surging on the internet.  

In fact, statistics point to video earning the title as the ‘content king’. Forbes reported that by 2022, video will make up 82% of online consumer traffic. They added that video marketing and advertising strategies can generate organic traffic by up to 41%.  

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