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The 5 Tips You Need for a Successful Online Advertising Campaign

PrintWhat makes your ads different? Does it stand out from the competition? Here are 5 tips to consider when planning for your next online advertising campaign.

Online platforms have come a long way in terms of their advertising approach. New tools are constantly created and are readily available for brands and its online advertising needs. Social networking sites like Facebook, paved way for marketers to promote their brands in their platform having it easier to spread their content. Today, they are raking billions of ad revenues from their 1.5 billion daily active users. Just recently, Instagram released their own version of analytics tool called “Insights” as part of their initiative to provide users the data they need to improve their online engagement within the app.

This massive explosion in advertising options has left businesses multiple opportunities to promote their content online. But how exactly do you stand out? Here are 5 tips to consider for your next online advertising campaigns:

  1. Create digestible but quality content

With all the things you want to say in your ad, the core message you want to promote tends to disappear. To avoid this, you need to understand the message and optimize your content that engages customers more, which eventually translate to a high engagement rate.

  1. Improve your Quality Score while you’re at it

Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or Google, Quality Score is a crucial metric in any advertising platform. This rates the quality and relevance of your ad and influences your cost-per-click. It gets a higher ad impression share for the same budget but at a lower cost per engagement. So choose the content with the highest engagement rates as it is more likely to result in a high quality score.

  1. Take advantage of audience targeting

Your followers are diverse and have different interests and preference. And publishing inaccurate targeted ads are just a waste of your time and money. Make it efficient for you and your audience by using keywords or tailored targeting that offers a certain level of personalization.

  1. Utilize all the social platforms that you can

Online advertising is not only limited in Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Consider promoting your content on other platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, depending on your content. Repurposing your ad to fit a chosen platform is a great content marketing strategy as it allows you to add more exposure and traffic to your existing campaign.

  1. Track your conversions

Tracking the performance of your online advertising campaign is very important as it justifies your spending and measures the success of your ad. Since your ads drive users to take measurable action, conversion tracking is crucial to determine how effective your ads were in driving those actions into actual conversions. Therefore, helping your digital marketing strategy be cost-effective.

Are you ready to invest in online advertising?

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