Case Studies

Case Study: How We Executed a Successful 360 Digital Marketing Campaign for Honda Malaysia


What is a 360 Digital Marketing Strategy?

At IH Digital, we believe strongly in a 360 Digital Marketing Strategy. With our three main arcs – Create, Distribute and Amplify, we aim to cover your entire digital marketing campaign. Let us illustrate our 360 approach using a successful campaign we executed for Honda Malaysia.

In its recent launch of the new Honda City, Honda Malaysia worked with IH Digital to release a Facebook Video to allow its social media fans to take their first look at the car. IH Digital executed a well-coordinated content marketing and social media strategy for Honda Malaysia. By comprehensively planning with our three main arcs in mind, the team was able to execute the campaign successfully without any hiccups.


At IH Digital, we have an in-house content marketing team, creating engaging content from animated motion graphics to interactive applications. We aim to provide owned media for your social engagement.

For this Honda City campaign, IH Digital played an important role in creating the Facebook Video. From developing a creative storyboard and script to producing the video using high-quality production equipment, IH Digital handled each production stage with meticulous care. On top of that, IH Digital played an immense role in engaging and managing our talent – Megan Tan. With her presence, Honda Malaysia was able to explain the features of the car clearly, without losing the viewers’ attention.


After creating such a masterpiece, it would be a waste not to share it online on a social media platform. At IH Digital, our social media marketing team will distribute your content by uploading on several social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube. From managing your fans’ comments to conducting a wall contest, you can count on IH Digital to make your fans engaged with the page, building a unique and intimate relationship.


To help you extrapolate your reach, our digital media specialists will study the digital trends and plan for an optimised digital advertising campaign. By choosing the ideal placement of your media ads at the lowest cost, your digital marketing efforts will surely pay off as you are able to reach out to your desired pool of customers.

Results of this 360 Digital Marketing Campaign

  • It garnered 252 thousand views within 4 days
  • Garnered 5.6 thousand likes, 2.8 thousand shares within 4 days

In search of a digital marketing agency?

If you are looking to make a digital impact, IH Digital, a digital agency in Malaysia, provides services that are tailored to fit any of your digital needs. With our 360 Digital Marketing Strategy, IH Digital will be able to execute a campaign that fits your brand well. Drop us a message and learn more about our digital marketing approach.